Cracow Rorantists in the Nidaros Cathedral

Cracow Rorantists in the Nidaros Cathedral


Nidaros Cathedral
Wednesday 31 January 2018

Cracow Rorantists in the Nidaros Cathedral

Church song from Eastern Europe

Den polske tradisjonelle katolske kirkesangen fyller Nidarosdomen til sine bredder!

Barokkfest is particularly proud to welcome the Polish vocal ensemble The Royal Rorantists to the festical. The ensemble continues the age-old traditions of church song in Catholic Eastern Europa. Already in the 16th century, under King Sigismund the Elder, Poland developed a unique church music style, where the song was put at the core. The king’s own ensemble, the Royal Rorantists, were committed to perform every day in the Cracow cathedral. This tradition developed an particular method of delivery, to create an intense timbre in the cathedral.

The present Rorantists is an ensemble that contains some of Poland’s foremost singers. As a men’s choir, they continue this purely Polish tradition.

This concert could not be held elsewhere in Scandinavia than in exactly the Nidaros Cathedral, a church room that has precisely the same qualities as the churches where this music traditionally has been performed. The ensemble has never performed in Norway before, and we can promise a very special experience when they enter the Nidaros Cathedral.


The Royal Rorantists