Sugar and Slavery

Sugar and Slavery


Wednesday 31 January

Sugar and Slavery – Fact and Fiction in Slave Trade

Sugar. How sweet, how dangerous – and how full of horrible history!

The author and critic Fartein Horgar brings us with him to the time when sugar and slave trade was in full bloom in the novels Paradiserts elendige (2016) and I slaktermåneden (2017), which, amongst other places, are set in the Danish-Norwegian colonies in India. In the midst of Trondheim stands Sukkerhuset (the sugar house) as a monument of the long arms this trade had. Ida Bull, who is a specialist on Trondheim and the 18th century, speaks with Horgan about this fascinating and disturbing history, which is much closer to us than we like to think.

(The event is in Norwegian.)


Fartein Horgar
Ida Bull