The Breakspear Lecture

The Breakspear Lecture


The Cathedral School,
The Celebration Hall
Saturday 3 February

The Breakspear Lecture

The Breakspeare Lecture is an annual lecture held in honour of Nicholas Breakspear (c1100–1159), who founded the Nidaros Cathedral and the Cathedral School in Trondheim, and in turn would go on to become Pope Adrian IV

This year’s Breakspeare Lecture features Dr. Estelle Lazer from the University of Sydney, who is the first to have been allowed to do x-rays and scans of plaster casts from Pompeii. Through these methods, Lazer has found human remains within the plaster casts, that may tell us new stories of our ancestors.

The event is free, but it is recommended to make a reservation to make sure one gets a seat!


Estelle Lazer, The University of Sydney